ORF BIG BAND arbeitsplatte u-lp 74/19


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Title: ORF BIG BAND arbeitsplatte u-lp 74/19-leitung: karel krautgartner

Grading: u-lp 74/19-akm 0120061/74/A/VG+

Info: austrian library-transcription pressing 1974 (sample copy, for radio station use only printed on cover and label), bigband cond. by: karel krautgartner, feat. robert demmer, art farmer, ernst lamprecht, robert politzer, garney hicks, charles baker, willi meerwald, roy deuvall, hans salomon, hans löw, leszek zadlo, peter klinger, felix hanusik, fritz pauer, harald pepl, tom baker, erich bachträgl

Cover: very good + with considerable creases, slight ringwear front and back, archive stickers front and back, sticker repair at bottom seam

Vinyl: very good + with slight hairlines and irregularities (plays with slight occ. crackling noises and clicks, slight background noise between tracks and in quiet passages, minimal warp – side 1 only – that does not affect playing), labels nm with archive stickers

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