Grading Infos, etc.

Gradings: basically I am grading quite conservative according to Goldmine standards (unplayable records or ruined covers don’t make it into my shop, as rare as they might be!). But in my opinion it is far more important to describe the state of record and cover, possible defects, etc. as detailled as possible (a sole NM/VG++ grading is not really expressive and you can argue whether a cover with seamsplit should be graded as VG or VG++, but at the end the buyer wants to know how long the split is! Stickers, cutouts, promo stamps, etc. are of course also mentioned in my descriptions.)! My gradings are visual (thousands of records went through my hands) and if i detect scratches that might affect playing, i listen to this part of the record (on my Project RPM 10 which is equipped with an Ortofon Quintet Bronze MC Cartridge); also quite expensive records will be completely listened to and accordingly described. Sealed: basically a factory new record. But the cover (and especially the corners) might have been compromised over the decades and of course I also add this to my description. Should the seal partly be broken, I will mention this in the description (but it still remains a sealed item). Near Mint +: this is the highest grading I use and means simply a record I would myself accept as new in a record shop. Near Mint: still very much as new, plays as such. Near Mint –: slight signs of use, some hairlines, record still plays as new. Very Good ++: cover might have some creases, vinyl some surface scratches and spindlewear, but still the record plays without problems. Very Good +: cover might have seamsplit, vinyl shows considerable surface scratches and spindlewear, record plays all the way through without problems, but might have occasional crackling noises and clicks. Very Good: this is the lowes grading I use. Cover has medium damage, vinyl shows strong surface scratches and spindlewear; plays through, but with background noise and/or crackling noises and clicks. Inserts, etc.: original inner sleeves, posters, inserts, obis, etc. are also part of the detailled description. Basically: if it’s not mentioned, it’s not included.

Photos: all photos you see in my shop were taken from the very record I am offering!

Availability: all listed records are on stock and ready to ship. If a record is bought online in my shop, it immediately vanishes from my inventory.

Shipping: I ship exclusively via Austrian Postal Services (as insured package), use professional cardboard boxes and stiffeners (partly also recycling material) and expensive records get double secure packaging! All records are shipped outside the cover (except sealed records, those i open only on customers request – after all it is also a matter of trust…) in a protection sleeve!

Miscellaneous: I wash all dirty records (or those which have been played with cleaning fluids) with a Clearaudio Double Matrix record cleaner (using L’Art du Son as cleaning fluid). I also learned over many years that almost every record collector uses very specific techniques for repairing record covers, removing stickers, etc.; therefore I leave all covers as they are (some already have been repaired in the past) and leave any stickers as and where they are.

Audiophile demands: unfortunately I can’t meet those! I sell used vinyl records that are NOT suitable for audiophile consumption!