GRYCE GIGI the rat race blues-us mono ri


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Title: GRYCE GIGI QUINTET the rat race blues Grading: prestige purple-silver no deep groove label njlp 8262/60/US/VG++/RI-SOC Info: us mono reissue ca. 60s (orig. 1960), feat. richard williams, richard wyands, julien euell, granville mickey roker Cover: near mint and as new (still in shrinkwrap), status sticker + blue lettering front, insp. by 108 stamp back. RVG in dead wax, bergenfield address on labels and back cover Vinyl: very good ++ with large surface scratch over side 2, which does not affect playing (plays mainly nm with slight occ. clicks and slight background noise in quiet passages and between tracks), labels with slight spindlewear

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